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Bowling Europe offers a stable range of bowling equipment and supplies. The various products are assembled with great care and installed by skilled staff. If you are looking for specific products, you can always consult one of our advisors for custom advice and pricing.

Bowling Machines

Bowling Europe’s bowling machines are fully equipped for low-cost operations and an optimal bowling experience for your guests. Step into the future!

I-Strike scoring

The I-Strike scoring system is completely user-friendly and the solution for recreational bowling! Simply set it up and play!

Bowling Overlay

The Bowling Overlay from Bowling EU is durable and of robust quality! The colour and decor of the overlay are available in several varieties.

Bumper gutters & Capping

Bowling EU’s bumper gutters are flexible and robust and therefore extremely sustainable in use. A very good price/quality ratio!

Ball returns

Bowling Europe has a design return available for both above ground ball return systems and underground ball return systems.  

Centre Products & Supplies

Naturally, Bowling Europe provides good quality bowling shoes, bowling balls, bowling pins and other bowling accessories!

LedBowl lighting

Make your bowling lanes attractive with the LED solutions from Bowling EU. The bowling lanes will turn into a true colour celebration!

Interactive Bowling

With InterActive bowling, your bowling lanes come to life! With video projection and ‘ball tracking’, the guests of the bowling alley land in a completely different dimension!

Interested in one of our products? One of our advisers will be glad to help you.