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Bowling Europe’s bowling installations have proven themselves on the international bowling market since 1977. Bowling Europe constructs bowling lanes according to traditional techniques, guaranteeing 30+ years of durable bowling. The installations are provided by German made bowling machines, which are extremely reliable and also have a lifespan of 40+ years.

The bowling alleys are fully equipped for low-cost operations and user-friendliness!

Bowling foundation

Bowling Europe builds both bowling lanes with above-ground ball return and bowling lanes with underground ball return. The substructure of the bowling installations is built for durable and long-lasting use. The installation is built from the (concrete) floor up with ‘2×4 CLS’, I-beams and underlayment. Rubbers are placed between the contact points of the concrete floor and the CLS construction to break the vibrations from the installation to the rest of the building. Bowling Europe’s substructures are a solid foundation for the quality bowling equipment to be installed.

Bowling lane components

The 10mm thick bowling overlay, the automatic bumper gutters and the cappings are fixed to the robust substructure. The high-pressure laminate bowling overlay is installed in 10mm and together with the robust substructure, laminate breakage and delamination is unthinkable. The bowling overlay can be supplied in various custom colours, so that the appearance of the lanes ‘match’ the provided concept or interior of the room. This makes it possible to coordinate the bowling lanes with the overall concept of the bowling centre, FEC or holiday park.

The Bowling Europe black bumper chutes are made of flexible material, which prevents impact on the system. It is a lightweight system, but due to the flexible cooperation, the system is proven and very durable in operations. The single and double capping are finished in black, just like the bumper channels, so everything fits together as a whole.



The Bowling Europe bowling machines and corresponding ball handling technology have proven themselves in the international bowling alley market for over 40 years. The BE-Pinsetters and return systems are reliable, energy efficient, fast, noiseless and above all interference free. Thanks to the linear cord disentanglement, the machine disentangles most pin knots on its own. Due to the small number of moving parts, the BE Stringsetter is very low-maintenance and virtually fault-free.

By choosing BE-Stringsetters, you choose for low-cost operations and 40+ years of continuity.

I-Strike bowling scoring

The I-Strike scoring system is designed for a completely user-friendly experience and is the solution for locations where the recreational bowler is the main target group. The system is completely programmed and designed by designers who optimise the entire ‘custom-journey’ of visitors to a bowling facility.

I-Strike is installed including a 15” touch screen panel, which provides a modern look and a high level of user-friendliness. Due to the ease of use, guests experience less irritation, longer playing time and also save on operational actions of the staff.

Due to the high level of user-friendliness, programming the names, bumpers and the desired game is a ‘piece of cake’. In addition to the standard bowling games, there are also three alternative bowling games such as; Horse Race, Ladderman, Ladders & Snakes and of course the standard 10-frame bowling.

I-Strike bowling scoring
I-Strike scoring