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The modernisation or renovation of an existing bowling alley is the work of a specialist. No two bowling alleys are the same and the modernisation steps depend on the budget in many cases.

We therefore recommend that bowling operators first make an appointment to inspect the technical aspects of the bowling installation, so that we can provide tailor-made renovation advice. When the technical state of the bowling installation is identified, we can offer a suitable solution in consultation with the operator.

By modernising the bowling installation, you make bowling even more attractive for your guests! With the latest lighting concepts and state-of-the-art bowling equipment, a unique bowling experience is created for all ages. Renovating the bowling installation can contribute to increasing the turnover of your bowling, increase repeat visits and make your entire business concept more interesting.

In addition to the complete renovation and modernisation of the bowling lanes, it may also be the case that only certain parts of the bowling alley need to be renewed. This may include the replacement of the approach, for example, or the installation of new touchscreen scoring. A partial solution can also be offered, in which the installation is renewed step by step using a modular approach.

Machine conversion
Choose for a sustainable future and a better return on your bowling business! Replace your current old fashioned automatic bowling machines for the highly efficient BE string pinsetters. Bowling Europe’s bowling machines are fully equipped for low-cost operations and an optimal bowling experience for your guests. The Bowling Europe String Pinsetters are the most user friendly pinspotter ever and an absolute game-changer in bowling!

No renovation is too big or too small for Bowling Europe! We are happy to help.

Before bowling renovation
After bowling renovation