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About us

Ready for the new generation of bowling!

Bowling Europe was established through the acquisition of Bowling Nederland B.V. (1958) by Active Bowling Products B.V. (1977) in 2020. Both parties have a wealth of experience within the international bowling industry and have jointly completed many international bowling projects.

Bowling Europe is located in Limmen (the Netherlands) and serves a wide client base primarily in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain. With the central location within Europe, Bowling Europe aims to install and maintain bowling lanes throughout the whole of Europe. The daily operations are conducted by the brothers Hommes and together with our ~8 employees, we are committed every day to bowling pleasure for everyone. We have our own complete production, installation and service team, so that we can offer all knowledge and thus continuity. 

We focus on professional recreational bowling equipment with a high degree of user-friendliness within a pleasant ‘bowling experience’. Bowling Europe works exclusively with Western European manufactured quality bowling equipment, where durability and faultless bowling are central. For our customers, we offer added value by providing innovative bowling products at an affordable price.

Bowling Europe #1 in recreational bowling! 


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