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To achieve high customer satisfaction within the leisure and bowling industry by using high-quality European made bowling equipment. We believe that quality bowling equipment can be affordable with sustainable equipment providing high returns for our clients.


Creating bowling facilities through simplicity and user-friendliness, where young and old can enjoy themselves together during an entertainment experience. 


Bowling Europe has more than 50 years of international experience in the bowling industry and has built or modernised hundreds of bowling installations over the years. Are you looking for a partner for the construction of a new bowling alley, modernisation of an existing bowling alley or the partial renovation of bowling alleys? Bowling Europe is happy to provide professional advice, free of obligation.

Plans for a new bowling installation? Bowling Europe will gladly advise you on how to realise a bowling experience for all ages!

Would you like to give your existing bowling facility a (partial) upgrade? Customisation is our standard! We enjoy equipping your existing bowling facility with the latest technology! 


I-Strike scoring is the most guest-friendly bowling scoring system in the world! Thanks to the intuitive software, bowling is quick and easy for every visitor!


Bowling Europe has completed many projects internationally over the years. From ‘stand-alone’ bowling centres to facilities within larger organisations such as holiday parks or Family Entertainment Centres. Every bowling facility has its own vision and appearance. Hereby a selection of our recent projects.